Digging a Hole

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Private Benny and Private Harry are leading a donkey down a muddy road near their barracks when the animal suddenly just drops dead. An officer sees this happen, and while Benny and Harry are standing there wondering what they should do, the officer goes up to them. He quickly sizes up the situation and instructs them to get some shovels from the camp and bury the poor animal.

Later, while they were digging the hole, Benny says, "Wow, is this one big mule." Harry says, "It's not a mule, Benny, it's a donkey."

As they continue to argue, "donkey," "mule," "donkey," "mule," another officer, this time a priest, stops to ask them what they are arguing about. They tell him of their disagreement.

The priest looks at the animal and says, "It's neither a donkey or a mule. According to the bible, it is obviously an ass. Now get back to work."

As they continue to dig, another officer arrives on the scene and asks them, "What are you men digging, a fox hole?"

"No sir," replies Benny, "not according to the bible."

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