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A man was entering a store when he noticed a sign out by the window saying that there was a contest.

He decided to join and went to the counter, the clerk had left and the man saw a piece of paper on the counter. He picked it up, and said, Answers to the Contest: #1 is dog. #2 is Big Fat Sucker and #3 is Alaska.

Host: Okay, you know the rules, for each question you get right, you get one submitting, there will also be a jackpot question, if you get right you will win $500.00

Man: OK, I'm ready

Host: Okay, so what is the animal that flys and sucks the blood out of you?

Man: A dog!

Host: No, it's a vampire bat. Okay, next question, how did George W. Bush describe himself as?

Man: A Big Fat Sucker!

Host: No, it is "The Man Who Will Change the United States" Last question, this is an easy one, where are Pandas located?

Man: Alaska!

Host: No, I'm sorry it is China and Tibet.

Man (in disappointment decides to leave)

Host (dragging the man): No, don't leave answer the jackpot question! What did Mona Lisa say to Leonardo when she was painted by him...

Man (shouting): Stop! You've humiliated me in front of everyone in the world!

Host (shocked): That's correct! You won the jackpot!

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Posted by uhhhh Jun 14, 2008

LOL. It's like SURPRISE!!!

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