Joke, Soak, Yolk

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Play this on a friend:

You: You would call a witty remark a joke, right?
Friend: Yes.
You: Spell joke twice and say it 5 times please.
Friend: J-o-k-e, j-o-k-e, joke, joke, joke, joke, joke.
You: (start laughing)
Friend: Did I mess up?
You: No. You would call a relaxing stay in a tub with hot water a soak, right?
Friend: No, I'd call it a bath.
You: Whatever. Spell soak twice and say it 5 times please.
Friend: S-o-a-k, s-o-a-k, soak, soak, soak, soak, soak.
You: (start laughing)
Friend: Did I mess up?
You: No. Say joke 5 times and soak 5 times, then spell soak 3 times and joke 3 times.
Friend: Joke, joke, joke, joke, joke, soak, soak, soak, soak, soak, s-o-a-k, s-o-a-k, s-o-a-k, j-o-k-e, j-o-k-e, j-o-k-e.
You: Spell then say the name of the white of an egg.
Friend: Y-o-l-k, yolk
You: (start laughing)

You are the only person that needs to memorize this. I am just guessing what your friend will say, but something along these lines generally happens. Your friend will not ask you if they did something wrong the last time, they will assume you were laughing because I told you to, not because they messed up. It will come to them a varied amount of time later. This is the power of word association.

NOTE: Only works on some people.

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Posted by mth_lvr Jul 08, 2008

if you dont get it, the yellow part is the yolk,not the white.they will say yolk because of the rhyming thing going on,and it shoud work better if you make some more up.hope that helps

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Posted by mth_lvr Aug 30, 2008

OR say silk 3 times fast.o.k. now what do cows drink?

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