Yo Momma Jokes... The Wad Lode!

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Yo momma so fat, when she wears a yellow shirt and goes outside, the sun gets jealous!

Yo momma so ugly, I don't know who you and her are related!

Yo momma so old, fat, ugly, and stupid, people are still wondering why your dad married her!

Yo momma so stupid, she cheated off herself!

Yo momma so fat, if she stops eating, it would end world hunger!

Yo momma so gassy, she started global warming!

Yo momma so fat, everytime she farts people think there's an earthquake!

Yo momma so short, I saw her feet in her driver's license!

Yo momma so fat, when she went to New York someone shouted "Hey look, it's King Kong"

Yo momma so poor, when I visited you and picked up a penny, yo momma starts screaming, "We lost the family treasure!"

Yo momma so fat, she made the universe look like marbles!

Yo momma so ugly, people think that Michael Jackson and her are related!

Yo momma so stupid, she sold her car for gas money!

Yo momma so stupid, when she drives she didn't know where to go on a One Way street!

Yo momma so stupid, she tried to break into her own house!

Yo momma so stupid, she caught herself stealing!

Yo momma so ugly, she needs two masks to cover her face!

Yo momma so ugly, when she forgot to wear a costume for a costume contest, she won!

Yo momma so poor, she stole from the 99 cents store!
(I heard it was toilet paper!)

Yo momma so poor, she couldn't afford to live in a box!

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Posted by xizle Jun 10, 2008


Comment score: 2  

Posted by then00b11 Jul 21, 2008

Nice jokes! hahaha.. By the way, I'm just his best friend. So, I'll be useing this name.

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Posted by then00b12 Sep 08, 2008

this is the best yo momma joke in wocka, im surprised!

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