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In the city of Gilacopa during the year of 1832 there was a great poet. He wrote some of the most beautiful poems the world had ever known. One day his assistant was in his office and he noticed a sheet of paper on his desk and he figured it must of been the poets newest work.

The assistant could not understand the poem so he took it over to the neighbor whom was much wiser than he. The neighbor looked at the poem and declared, "It is clearly a tribute to the troops in Iraq", but this could not be so since this was the 1830's and there was no war in Iraq yet, so they took the poem to the psychologist who was much wiser than they.

The pychologist looked at this and said, "This is obviously a poem about a woman whom he loves", but this could not be since there were only two females in this town one that was 75 and another that was only 4, so the assistant, the neighbor, and the psychologist took the poem to the painter whom was much wiser than they. The artist looked at the poem long and hard and finally stated, "This is obviously related to the poet having financial issues", but this could not be since the poet was a very wealthy man.

The town argued for 3 hours over the meaning of the poem when a hobo saw the ruckus. He asked what the problem was and the townspeople explained to him their confusion and showed him the paper. After only a few seconds the hobo said, "This is a receipt for wine and a $5 lap dance at The Pimps Titty Bar".

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