He V. She

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He v. She

The family picture is on his desk - Ah, a solid, responsible family man.
The family picture is on her desk - Um, her family will come before her career.

His desk is cluttered - He's obviously a hard worker and a busy man.
Her desk is cluttered - She's obviously a disorganized scatterbrain.

He is talking with his co-workers - He must be discussing the latest deal.
She is talking with her co-workers - She must be gossiping.

He's not in the office - He must be meeting a customer.
She's not in the office - She must be out shopping.

He's having lunch with the boss - He's on his way up.
She's having lunch with the boss - They must be having an affair.

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Posted by popesantaxiv May 21, 2008

so true. so true. (not the claims, but how women are prejudiced against.)

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Posted by draco150 Jul 30, 2009

Love It boodler

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