Midget Walks Into a Bar

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A midget walks into a bar and trips over some sh*t left on the floor.

Luckily no one saw him, so to avoid embarrassment, he doesn't make a fuss about it. So he goes to bar and orders a drink.

A few minutes later a big fella comes to the bar and trips over the same piece of sh*t.
The midget smiles and says, "I just did that".

So the big fella comes over to the midget and knocks him out.

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Posted by Math_freak Jun 12, 2008

why is this in yo momma? it should be in the bar section

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Posted by joke_addict_90 Jul 14, 2008

now this is funny!

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Posted by Fathead Sep 17, 2012

He should have been more careful how he phrased it.

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