My Plates or Yours?

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A professional photographer, at a friend's house for dinner, was asked to show his portfolio from a recent overseas trip.

His friends were quite impressed.

"What wonderful photos!" said the host's wife. "You must have a very expensive camera."

The photographer just smiled and waited until after dinner, when he said, "Thank you for the delicious meal. You must have very *expensive* pans!"

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Posted by Hammer Jun 16, 2008


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Posted by Hammer Jun 16, 2008


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Posted by Hammer Jun 16, 2008


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Posted by violasrule Aug 14, 2008

This joke is funny. The lady insulted him when she pretty much said that the photos were nice because he had an expensive camera. So, he is gets her back by saying that the reason her food was good was because she had expensive pans. Does that help?

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Posted by enderofgames Jan 11, 2009

Not too insulting... I do like that sarcasm, though.

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