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A Mexican, an Asian, an African, and an American all somehow come across a genie at the same time. They rub the lamp and the genie pops out and agrees to grant them all one wish each. The genie turns to the Mexican and asks what he wished for.

"I wish that myself and all of my people could return to Mexico and live without poverty and wars."

With that, the Mexican disappeared. The genie then turns to the Asian and asks what he wished for.

"I wish that myself and all my people could go return to our countries in Asia and live in peace and happiness."

And the Asian disappears. The genie next asked the African what he would like.

"I wish that myself and all of my African Brothers and Sisters could return to our homelands in Africa and live in wealth and be bothered no more by the rest of the world."

With that, the African disappears. The genie turns to the American and asks what he wishes for.

"Before I make my wish, am I to understand that all of the Mexicans, Asians, and Africans are each in their countries forever?"

The genie nods

"I wish for a Coke."

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Posted by Latina_marisa Jul 05, 2005

OK not that funny

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