Throw the Dog

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A dog goes up to a man with a pizza and starts whining for some.

Man to Owner: Can I throw him a bit?

Owner smiles proudly: Yes.

The man picks up the dog and throws him on the ground.

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Posted by Question_Sleep May 01, 2008

Good one! LAWL.

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Posted by carissker9 May 11, 2008

its funny but i actaully found it really cruel

Comment score: 1  

Posted by fonziekj52 May 12, 2008

that is cruel. throwing dogs is considered as animal cruelty, and you can be arrested for that.

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Posted by then00b12 Sep 20, 2008

it's a JOKE! jokes are to be funny, not to be used as an insult genuis! I mean, why can't you submit a joke that 's half as funny as this.

Comment score: 4  

Posted by then00b12 Sep 20, 2008

yes, you can get arrested for that, but did the person rlly do it? no, it's a JOKE! u wanna argue with me, let's go, bring it, i'm not afraid of you, this is my joke, it's FUNNY, IT GOT JOKE OF THE DAY. YOU CAN'T SUBMIT A JOKE THIS FUNNY HUH?

Comment score: 3  

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