The Search For Bugs

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A new bride told her husband she was concerned that their honeymoon suite in the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C., might still be bugged from the Watergate scandal days.

The groom agreed to check it out.

He looked behind the drapes, he looked behind the pictures, he looked behind the mirrors, he looked under the rug and... "HEY!" he shouted.

Under the rug was a small plate with four screws! He unscrewed the screws with his knife and threw them and the plate out the window. "There, that takes care of any bugs," he reassured his new bride. And the couple quickly jumped in bed and did what newlyweds do.

The next morning, the hotel manager knocked on their door and asked the couple, "Was your stay satisfactory? How was the service? Did you enjoy your room?"

The groom said, "Fine. Why do you ask?"

The manager said, "Because, last night, the couple in the room under yours had their chandelier fall on them!"

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Posted by luna103 May 09, 2011

oops... didnt mean to unscrew that chandelier there...

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