The Top 10 Things "95" Stands For

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What does the "95" in Windows95 mean anyway?

10. The number of floppies it will ship in.
9. The percentage of users who will have to upgrade their hardware.
8. The number of megabytes of hard disk space required.
7. The number of pages in the "EASY INSTALL" version of the manual.
6. The percentage of existing programs that won't run in the new OS.
5. The number of hours to install.
4. The number of calls to tech support before you can get it to run.
3. The number of people who will actually pay for the upgrade.
2. Meg of RAM required for the damn thing to run.
1. The year it was DUE to ship.

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Posted by kappa64 Jun 25, 2008

ha thats true

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