Yummy(?) Meatloaf

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Sam Krypton was a boy who hated meatloaf, but he knew that every time he didn't eat it, he lost a chance for ice cream, his favorite thing to eat.

So today, he decided to eat it, and try and forget about the taste.

He ate it up, and said, "THIS MEATLOAF WAS DELICIOUS!" His mother was pleased, and gave him ice cream.

The next week, his mother gave him a large serving of meatloaf, expecting him to eat it all up.

Sam forgot about what he did last week. He was looking out the window - then, a moment later, he said, "Eww! What smells?"

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Posted by yourwrstnitemare Oct 18, 2007

i dont get it.

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Posted by Smarty_Pants321 Dec 07, 2011

Ha ha!!! This is really funny!!!

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