Gregory and the Demon

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Gregory was a boy who was always beaten up by a bully who everyone called: "The Demon". Everyday, "The Demon" would punch Gregory in the stomach without any warning. And Gregory always got a stomachache.

Now, Gregory wasn't very smart. He often confused things with other things and ended up in trouble. But Gregory didn't know. And Gregory had 7-9 fears and takes them seriously. He has a fear of telling a teacher on someone, so that's a reason why he's letting The Demon punch him.

The doctor told him that if he continued to be punched, that he would get a stomach bruise - which wasn't good at all.

So, Gregory and his father were having a father-to-son conversation about this problem.

"Son, why are you letting 'The Demon' punch you everyday?"
"I dunno dad."
"Well, you can't just let him punch you in the stomach."
"Really, dad?"
"Yes, really."

The next day, Gregory came home with stomach, and rib pains.

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Posted by Smarty_Pants321 Dec 07, 2011

Ha ha!!! This is really funny!!!

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