Police Exercise

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One night a man is driving in his car and hears police sirens behind him. The man knows that with his car he could never out-drive the cop, so, seeing the officer looks fat and out of shape, he opens his car door and makes a run for it.

The chase goes on about 20 minutes, with the cop finally catching him.

The cop, completely out of breath, tells the man that he will not bring him to the station on one condition - the man, wondering why the cop wasn't going to turn him in, asked what the condition was. The cop said he wouldn't turn him in if he would help him lose another 5 pounds!

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Posted by DennysGirl Sep 25, 2007

havent you ever learned to show, not tell?

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Posted by Hugme12 Nov 05, 2007

every time i think of a joke it's allways funny when i first think of it but then i end up forgetting how the joke went and so i just make my best guess and in the end it turns out like this

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