Petty Girl

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This truly happened in an advanced oral English classroom:
When the teacher asked the students: "What surprised you most in Tsinghua?"

One of them answered, "Well, I'd heard that girls in Tsinghua were terribly ugly before I came here. However, when I arrived here myself, I was surprised to find
there's so many pretty girls, some of them are even sexy......"

At that, all girls in the room smiled shyly. Then he continued, "But when the holiday was over, I found all of them had gone!"

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Posted by jjj055 Sep 11, 2007

don't get it

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Posted by bmetallaoui Sep 15, 2007

I think the whole class went on a trip to tsinghua and when the boy started to talk about the the pretty girls, the girls in his class thought he was talking about them, but he was not.

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Posted by Joke_Master Oct 21, 2007

i dont get it

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Posted by popesantaxiv Nov 17, 2007

The girls from Tsinghua were on vacation here and the girls from here were on vacation to Tsinghua. The guy had the pretties and the uglies mixed up, that's why they were gone when the holiday ended. They each went back to wherever they came from.

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