Adam and Eve

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Adam was in the Garden of Eden and was very very lonely. So God decides to build him a friend and lover. He decides to call it a "Woman". So he sets out to work but realizes he'll need to borrow a few parts from Adam, so he goes to Adam and explains the situation. God says "I'll build the perfect companion, she'll cook, clean, take care of your every wish and need and will never nag or complain or be angry at you for no reason. It'll only cost you an arm and a leg."
Adam says "But I need my arm and leg... what can I get for just a rib?"

And the rest is history...

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Posted by rac76 Apr 07, 2005

This was a very cute joke!! It brought a smile to my face!!

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Posted by ha-ha-hee-hee Apr 08, 2005

ha ha hee hee...very funny....this is one of my all time favorite.. and yes it brought a smile to my face too.. a real LOL one...

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Posted by Blade Nov 26, 2005

nice one

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Posted by Shastaki Sep 01, 2006

To make a perfect woman, Gad needed an arm and a leg from Adam. He needed the arm and leg, so just gave God a rib. Therefore, women aren't perfect. Apart from me, of course.

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Posted by ntsoaky Sep 13, 2006

that makes the two of us

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Posted by cheese123 Jun 20, 2007

and me. i'm perfect, too.

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