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It's forty below zero one winter "night" in Alaska. Pat is drinking at his local saloon and the bartender says to him, "You owe me quite a bit on your tab."

"Sorry," says Pat, "I'm flat broke this week."

"That's okay," says the bartender. "I'll just write your name and the amount you owe me right here on the wall."

"But," says Pat, "I don't want any of my friends to see that."

"They won't," says the bartender. "I'll just hang your parka over it until it's paid."

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Posted by boodler Jun 01, 2007

At minus 40 degrees, he's going to be a bit cold, and therefore likely to pay his bill quickly so that he can get his coat back, wouldn't you say?

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Posted by enderofgames Jun 03, 2007

"A bit cold" is not a good way to say it. If you've lived in forty below before, you'll know that it's really cold. And it hurts. And for those of you that don't get it, a parka is a thick coat, probablt the man's only coat. You can die in that weather without a coat. Nice joke.

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Posted by boodler Oct 04, 2009

No, UK

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