Are Dogs Welcome?

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Are Dogs Welcome?

A man wrote a letter to a small hotel located in a Midwest town he planned to visit on his vacation.
He wrote, "I would very much like to bring my dog with me. He is very well behaved and well groomed. I would like to know if I would be permitted to keep him in my room with me at night."

The hotel owner sent a reply immediately, which said, "I have been operating this hotel for many years. In all that time, I have never had a dog steal towels, bedclothes, silverware or anything else. I have never had to evict a dog in the middle of the night for being drunk and disorderly, nor have I ever had a dog run out on a hotel bill.

"Yes, indeed," continued his reply, "your dog is most welcome at my hotel. Should your dog be willing to vouch for you, you are welcome to stay here too!"

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Posted by FerretGirl Aug 23, 2007

Cute! I like it. (Animals rule!)

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