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While his mother was having a consultation with the doctor, Little Johnny could be heard terrorizing the people in the waiting room, yet she made no attempt to restrain him.

A few minutes later, they heard some clattering in an adjoining room, but still she did nothing. Finally, after an extra-loud crash, she casually said to the doctor, "I hope you don't mind Little Johnny playing in there."

"No, not at all," the doctor replied calmly. "I'm sure he'll calm down as soon as he finds the poison."

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Posted by salem33466 May 15, 2007

i dont get it

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Posted by boodler May 15, 2007

Little Johnny's mother is allowing her beloved child to misbehave, and the doctor is hoping the dear child will try one of the poisons! Of course, he can't really get at any poison, but he's trying to get the mother to act responsibly and make Johnny behave without actually remonstrating with her.

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Posted by ntsoaky Jun 11, 2007

gud thinking ,doc. Nice one Boodler.

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Posted by jjj055 Jun 11, 2007


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