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A blonde went into a local salon for a haircut. She was wearing a pair of headphones and she refused to take them off. The hairdresser tried to slip them off to cut her hair but the blonde just screamed "NO, DONT DO IT!"
In a few minutes the blonde fell asleep from all the thinking she had to do to pick out a hairstyle. The hairdresser takes off the headphones and in a few minutes the blonde dies.
The hairdresser, shocked, then hears the headphones. It was repeating the words "Inhale... exhale.... inhale..... exhale...."

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Posted by datra16 Mar 21, 2003

how did she hear if she was sleeping anyway? and isnt that a natural occurence? so she'd do so in her sleep regardless?! oh nevermind! lol

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Posted by Drunky Mar 22, 2003

subconsciously or maybe her subconcious mind is smarter then her conscious mind so she only needs the tape when awake.

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Posted by hilo Jul 27, 2003

why are you trying to overthink a blonde joke?

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