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Having just graduated from Harvard, the young man was very excited thinking about his future. Getting into a taxi, the driver says to him, "How are you on this beautiful, sunny day?"

"I'm the class of 2006. I just graduated from Harvard and I'm very excited about getting out there and seeing what the world has in store for me!"

The driver shakes the young man's hand and replies, "Congratulations, young man. I'm George, class of 1968."

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Posted by crazycriely Jul 04, 2007

its not that funny...

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Posted by rac76 Jul 04, 2007

I agree that this is not funny at all. Honestly, its a depressing statement not a joke.

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Posted by ComfyAndJoy Jul 04, 2007

i agree. i didn't even smile.

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Posted by Rocker_chick Jul 04, 2007

Um, Did I Miss Part Of It?

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Posted by cheese123 Jul 05, 2007

i don't get it...

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Posted by bkdestinychild Oct 11, 2007

it meant that george graduted from harvard class of 1968 but ended up as a taxi driver get it?

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