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A veteran officer with 18 years is running radar on a main street of a rural town. Along comes a young driver in a brand new sports car going 48 mph in a 30 mph zone. The officer stops the young man and explains the violation.

The driver becomes belligerent telling the officer his badge did not mean a thing. The young driver tells the officer to go ahead and write the ticket because his father knows people that will make the ticket "go away".

While the officer completes the ticket the young driver continues his barrage of insults.

Without flinching the officer completes the ticket and hands the young driver his copies.

The driver looks at his copies and becomes very agitated. The driver said, "What the #$@%& do you think you are doing? I thought you said I was doing 48 in a 30. You wrote 88 in a 30?"

The officer said, "Forty-eight, eighty-eight, what's the difference? Your dad is going to make it go away anyway."

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Posted by Battery Apr 21, 2007

Well thank god for that!

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Posted by lolgirl Aug 06, 2008

quite smart alecky I LOVE IT!

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