A Good Date

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Three roommates: a blonde, brunette, and redhead all go out on dates one night. When they get back in the blonde says, "You know you've been on a good date when your make-up is all smeared!" The brunette says, "No, no, you know you've been on a good date when you come home and your hair is all messed up." The redhead doesn't say anything she just reaches up under her skirt, pulls off her panties, and throws them against the wall, where they stick, and says, "NOW THAT'S A GOOD DATE!!"

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Posted by Question_Sleep Mar 31, 2007

That's funny! XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD

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Posted by evil996 Nov 10, 2009

super funny. why the hell is this rated so low?...hmm......maybe because there are children on wocka and they obviously dont get adult jokes

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