Your Momma's Nasty!

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Your momma's teeth are so yellow, that when she opened her mouth, a black guy said "nice grillz!"

Your momma's so fat 'n hairy that when she went to the mueseum someone yelled "the mammoth's alive!"

Your momma's so hairy that when she was on the set of king kong, the director said "I thought I only ordered 1 gorrila!"

Your momma's so old and gassy that when she farted the dinasours became extinct!

Your momma's so stupid that they invented the books for dummys just for her!

Your momma's so skinny that god used her to clean his teeth!

Your momma's so ugly that when she stepped out of her house, people ran away saying "I didn't know they were shooting a horror movie here!"

Your momma's so ugly that when walked down her street someone said "lady, halloween was yesterday!"

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