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Posted by maryvirginia69 Mar 12, 2007

OK, uh-yeah, that's not funny. Pretty much sux! Yep, it sux

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Posted by salem33466 Mar 12, 2007

ummmmmm quit writing these stupid jokes cuz they are NOT funny (to people who are sane) hint hint

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Posted by phoenixoflife Mar 13, 2007

wow, what a waste of time.

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Posted by ntsoaky Mar 14, 2007


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Posted by dodos Mar 16, 2007

ur such a low life. u spent al this time do this. wow seriously i would recommend u getting a life cause u despretly need one.

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Posted by checkers467 Apr 15, 2007

you know it doesnt take that much time to make a joke like this, and a lot of people who do have lives do get bored. all of us who come on this site are just bored. and btw, i thought it was hilarious.

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