A Chatroom Poem

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I was sitting in chat room,
Feeling mildly amused,
When I saw something strange,
That left me all confused.

Someone typed a word,
(As far as I could tell)
But I had never seen it.
What is an LOL?

Then the plot got thicker,
More words I didn't know,
A person started typing,
The word LMAO.

I sat there in amazement,
I felt like a dumb toad.
Could it be, these people,
Were speaking in a code?

That's when I looked closer.
And found the subtle clue.
I figured out this code
And I'll share it now, with you.

LOL is three little words,
That seem, to me, quite shady.
Why would someone ever write
The words, "Lean Over Lady"?

LMAO, was more obscure,
It made me sweat my socks!
LMAO is a command,
Meaning, "Leave Me Alone, Ox!"

ROFL was harder still,
I found it rather sickening.
It's a discreet way to say,
"Ready Only For Licking!"

I can't believe that AOL,
Would let this code exist!
To them I say, YOMSL
Meaning, "You're On My Shit List!"

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Posted by Am_Dummsten Feb 17, 2007

Does YOMSL stand for something else?

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Posted by Battery Apr 01, 2007

^ditto that^

Comment score: 2  

Posted by salem33466 Apr 01, 2007

i have no freakin' idea!!!! i asked my friend but he said he didn't no either

Comment score: 1  

Posted by Battery Apr 02, 2007

it probably doesnt. awesome joke

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Posted by Alexeagle Dec 15, 2007


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