Nobody likes Bill Clinton

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Abraham Lincoln, Bill Clinton, and George Washington were all on an airplane looking out the door. George Washington says, " I'm going to make somebody happy" then throws a $20 out of the plane. Bill Clinton says, "I'm going to make two people happy" then throws 2 $20's out of the plane. Abraham Lincoln says "I'm going to make everybody happy" and throws Bill Clinton out of the plane.

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Posted by dakini1 Jun 26, 2003


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Posted by Source Jul 07, 2003


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Posted by rac76 Mar 15, 2006

Very funny! Thanks for the laugh this morning!

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Posted by honey_11 Mar 15, 2006

haha! -funny!

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Posted by schatzy228 Mar 15, 2006


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Posted by celanba Mar 15, 2006

funniest joke today

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Posted by gilmoregirlsfan Mar 15, 2006

change it to bush, and its perfect. Good job!

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Posted by shimmermaid Mar 18, 2006 comment.

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Posted by joke_lover_101 Apr 24, 2006

HEY!!!!!!! the is different!!!

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