More Stupid Laws. . .

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1) In Illinois, it is illegal to speak English. Well then, what do they speak? Gibberish?

2) In Crete, Illinois, it is considered an offense to attempt to have sex with someone else's dog. First of all, why would anybody attempt to even have sex with a dog? Second of all, is it okay to attempt to have sex with your own dog?

And finally, my favorite one of all. . .

3)In New York, the penalty for jumping off a building is death. Duh! No, we're all going to magically survive a 50 story drop to the concrete below.

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Posted by ntsoaky Nov 30, 2006

yeah!yeah! stupid 4 sure!good joke

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Posted by ntsoaky Nov 30, 2006

The law maker must be blonde, don't u think?

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Posted by hotchick_802 Dec 07, 2006

good joke!! the laws were stpid but at the same time funny! haha!

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