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Four-year-old Robert tells his kindergarten teacher that he has a new baby brother, called Spot.

"Spot?" says the teacher. "Are you sure it's not a puppy your Dad bought you?"

Robert was adamant that his brother's name was Spot - until next morning, when he issued a correction.

"Actually, it's Mark."

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Posted by bmonkey Nov 28, 2006

i just found myself laughing coz i can imagine how kids can be sometimes, but i dont really see where the fun part is!

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Posted by smile-14 Nov 30, 2006


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Posted by mellew Dec 16, 2006

spot and mark are both names but u can have a spot and a mark on, like, your shirt or something

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Posted by sweetmariah Dec 17, 2006

hee-hee. that one is cute.

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