The Towel

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A woman was taking a shower when the doorbell rang, so she put on a towel and answered it. It's her neighbor Bob. Now, Bob has this huge crush on her, but she's already married.

Bob says to her, "If you drop your towel, I will give you $5,000." She is thinking that she could use the money, so she says yes, drops the towel, gets her money, and pulls her towel back up.

Her husband comes along and asks, "Who was that?" She replied that it was Bob. The man saw the money in her hand and said, "Finally, Bob repaid us that $5,000 he owed us!"

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Posted by carissker9 Nov 04, 2006

what do u guys and gals think, plz reply!!

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Posted by sweetmariah Dec 17, 2006

THAT is funny!!!! good job...

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