Yo Momma Smells So Bad

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Yo Momma smells so bad that she made an onion cry!

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Posted by juwaidah1990 Oct 19, 2006

that is a very good joke i don't know why you got low rating

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Posted by ntsoaky Oct 19, 2006

Cz there r some ppl who don like yo momma jokes n thus rate it low no matter what. I love it!

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Posted by ian47 Oct 20, 2006


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Posted by undercover_joker Feb 26, 2007

that's a great joke!! soo funny I always go here to hear good jokes and geat great your momma jokes for burns and i am going to use this one for those great disses!

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Posted by Andy May 11, 2007


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Posted by BrownEyes May 20, 2007

Hey that's kinda funny..

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Posted by camille_izalady Jan 28, 2008

I like Yo' Momma jokes as much as the next person, but this just wasn't funny. I ran this joke by 5 friends and none of them laughed. And trust, we know comedy.

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