A Close Shave

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Once, a barber found two MIT students wanting to buy his barber pole. They offered a good price for it, so the barber sold it to them. So - these two guys drove around all day in a pickup truck carrying the barber pole. They kept getting stopped by the police, who were sure they had stolen the pole. But each time, the students referred back to the barber they had bought the pole from. So finally, an APB went out all over Boston, saying that if police saw two students driving around with a barber pole, they should leave them alone.
The next day, every single barber pole in Boston was missing.

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Posted by taran083 Oct 08, 2006

what are you talking about. it's hilarious. i laughed ;-) and i rarely laugh at jokes. you gotta develope a better sense of humor

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Posted by ouchy1 Apr 03, 2007

since the police told everyone that, everyone stole the barber poles.

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