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Two Saudis emigrated to America with their families. On the plane ride over they made a bet about who could become more "Americanized" in their first year.

As agreed, they met exactly one year later. The first guy pulled up in his Hummer and said to the second guy "I win. There's no way you can beat me: I just dropped my son off at Little League, I'm on my way to pick my daughter up from cheerleading practice, and I stopped at McDonalds on my way here."

And the second guy said "Fuck you, towelhead!"

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Posted by pcfreak Sep 19, 2006

hahahahahha damn

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Posted by samg Oct 09, 2006

In case anyone is offended by the CONTENT of this joke (rather than the language) let me point out that it does NOT denigrate arabs; it's about what it means (these days) to be "American"!

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