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A blonde wanted to have a copy of herself, so she went to the US, and they asked her for a sample of her blood. They asked her to come back after a week, so she went after a week and she saw a donkey, and they told her that this is her copy.
She decided to go to Australia, and when she went there they asked for a sample of her blood, and they asked her to come back after a week. When she went back she saw a donkey, so she went to Japan, and when she told them what happened with her, they asked her to come back after a week. She asked them why they didn't need a blood sample, and they told her that they don't need it, so she left. When she came back after a week she saw an exact copy of herself, and when she asked them how they did it, they said, "We took a blood sample from a donkey."

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Posted by AlwaysAnActress Sep 17, 2006

Maybe it's me, but my first suggestion is to break this up by using periods. Might have been funny otherwise. =/

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Posted by dailybeans Sep 19, 2006


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