Could It Happen Again?

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A friend of mine and his family were taking a trip to the mall. On the way, their 18 month old son had a massive blow out poopy diaper. In the mall parking lot, the diaper was changed and put in a Dillard's bag. Embarrassed by the incredibly bad smell, the couple decided to leave the bag on the hood of the car to be thrown in a dumpster as opposed to a mall trash can. A couple of hours later when the family was returning to the car, they saw an old, beat up pick-up stop at their car. A young man jumped out and hurriedly threw the Dillard's bag into the cab. He got back in and the pick up sped off with what he thought was a mighty haul.

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Posted by ntsoaky Sep 07, 2006

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww! funny tho!!

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Posted by McChucles Dec 22, 2006

Lol. That would not be nice to open it and see poop. Eeew But itsa funny joke.

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Posted by Joke_Master Oct 21, 2007

It means that the robber thought he finally stole something expensive. But what the bag actually contained was poop. (: haha

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