The Older Lady

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Two older women were picking up a third friend for their weekly lunch when they accidentally ran over and killed her cat. It wasn't a pretty sight, so rather than leave it for the woman's husband to find, they scooped it into a Foley's bag and took it with them, intending to throw it away in the restaurant's dumpster.Upon their arrival, they discovered that the dumpster was locked. Not wanting to leave the bag in the car, they put in on the ground next to the car and went inside to eat. From their window table they could clearly see the car and bag, and so noticed immediately when a woman walked by the closed bag, looked at it with interest, and went on. In a few minutes she returned, looked a little more closely, glanced around to see if she were being watched, and strolled on. On her third pass, she casually picked up the bag without pausing, and continued on - into the restaurant! She let herself be seated, placed the bag and her purse on the floor next to her chair, and picked up the menu. She ordered, and again casually picked up the Foley's bag to see what wonderful little item she had managed to snag. She opened the bag, looked inside, shuddered, and passed out onto the floor. Instantly, restaurant staff came to her aid, dialed 911, and cared for her until the paramedics came and loaded her onto a stretcher to take her to the hospital. The last thing our three ladies saw was a paramedic as he picked up the woman's purse and the Foley's bag and placed both on her stomach as they wheeled her away.

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Posted by ntsoaky Sep 07, 2006

omg! ha ha ha

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Posted by bmonkey Sep 07, 2006

Thats too funny, poor lady

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Posted by cuss_miseter5000 Sep 08, 2006

its not dat bad

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Posted by benjam May 07, 2007

I don't get it.

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Posted by Joke_Master Oct 21, 2007

I think it is trying to say that that the lady who stole the bag was disgusted by the cat carcass in it. And to add more horror to her, the paramedics placed the bag on her when they sent her to the hospital. Hahaha!

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