Where Does it Come From?

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A man was settling down to his after-dinner drink when he daughter climbs onto his lap. "Where does poo come from?" asks his inquisitive girl.

The man knew these types of questions would come, and had given some thought to the answer he would give. "Well, sweetheart, you know the dinner you just ate? Well, our bodies keep the good parts, called nutrients, so our bones and muscles can grow strong. The rest passes out of our backsides, and that's poo."

After a shocked silence, the girl trembles through another question for her father... "Umm... so where does Tigger come from?"

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Posted by AndYourPointIs Sep 03, 2006

At first i wa a bit confused so i read over it again and i unders stood she ment Pooh as in Winne The Pooh good one

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Posted by pcfreak Sep 05, 2006

hahahahaha nice...her childhood is scarred forever

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Posted by kikadez Sep 15, 2006

cute and funny

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Posted by Hugme12 Apr 18, 2008

funny 3/4 of a smiley!

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