The Lords Name in Vain

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"My friend," said St. Peter to the recently deceased, "you did lead an exemplary life on earth - but there is one instance of your taking the name of The Lord in vain. Would you care to tell us about it?"

"I recall," replied the new applicant, "it was in 1965 on the last hole at Pinehurst. I only needed a par four to break 70 for the first time in my life."

"Was your drive good?" asked St. Peter, with increasing interest.

"Right down the middle. But when I got to my ball, it was plugged deep in a wet rut made by a drunk's golf cart."

"Oh dear," said St. Peter, "A real sucker! Is that when you..."

"No. I'm pretty good with a 3-iron. I played the ball close to my feet, caught the sweet spot and moved it right onto the green. But it bounced on a twig or something - it was a very windy day - and slid off the apron right under the steepest lip of the trap."

"What a pity!" said St. Peter consolingly, "Then that must have been when..." "No. I gritted my teeth, dug in with and open stance, swung a smooth outside arc, and backspun a bucket's worth of sand up onto the green. When everything settled down, there was my ball, only ten inches off into the cup."

"JESUS CHRIST!" shrieked St. Peter, "don't tell me you choked the putt!"

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Posted by avril_lavigne Jul 10, 2003

I don't get it some one xplain please?

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Posted by welshl Nov 26, 2003

when you play golf, for every stroke you take it adds a point to your score, and you want the lowest score. the guy was close to beating his record and all these bad things were happening and in the end he 'choked' or 'missed' on the final stroke, so I'm guessing he got a 71 score.

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Posted by silvermoonisis Mar 19, 2005

I thought the whole point was that St. Peter was giving the guy a hard time for taking the Lord's name in vain, but then he ended up doing it himself.

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Posted by hamburger Jul 16, 2005

The joke is, St. Peter was critizizing the golfer for taking the Lord's name in vain, and after the long story, St. Peter got so fed up with waiting he took the Lord's name in vain.

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