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When the phone rang, she excused herself from the sofa. A few seconds later she rejoined her male companion.

"Who was it?" he asked.
"My husband," she replied.
"I better get going," he said. "Where was he?"

"Relax. He'll be late, he's playing poker with you."

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Posted by Drunky Jun 11, 2003

Took me awhile to get it, but when I did it was freakin hilarious

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Posted by hilo Jul 14, 2003

yeah same here, took a little while but damn, once it hits you lol

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Posted by pheonix_down Oct 23, 2003

... I don't get it

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Posted by bird_luver Aug 11, 2004

What does it mean??

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Posted by bigdog0316 Jan 18, 2005

people might get mad at me for trying to illustrate the punchline but to the previous two people.the woman gets a call from her husband saying he's going to be late.he's supposedly is playing pocker with the guy who is on the sofa with the wife at the present moment.if he's supposing to be playing with that guy and he's really at the wife's house then what is he really doing? .that is why the woman said not to worry about anything.the woman has caught him lying and most likely doing something other than takes a while to sink in and i have to applaud this but if u read it again it will become apparent.i hope this helps

Comment score: 8  

Posted by puzzler Jan 18, 2005

No reason to get mad for you explaining...(unless of course you are explaining an R rated joke or something ). I think tThe people that don't get it would surely appreciate an explanation.

Comment score: 3  

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