Stuck in a Room

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You are stuck in a room with absolutely no doors, no windows, and no escape. You are surrounded by 415 inch think metal walls. All you have is a mirror and a table.

How do you get out?

Well, you look into the mirror. You saw yourself, right? Now, use the saw to chop the table in half. To halves make a whole, so jump through the hole. Then yell at the top of your lungs until your voice is hoarse, then jump on the horse and ride away!


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Posted by locked_in_hell Sep 08, 2006


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Posted by ntsoaky Oct 23, 2006

HAHAHAHAHA! Love this one, made my sleepy head 2 start running. Good going

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Posted by hubluza Mar 28, 2007

that is messed verison of a braingle teaser

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Posted by Battery Apr 09, 2007

could do it without the mirror

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