You Know You're a Video Game Freak If ...

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You know you're a video game freak if ...

You hire a babysitter to watch your video games.

When you go swimming you put your nintendo D.S. in the glove box so no one will try to commit a felony and try to steal it.

You cry when your data gets deleted.

When you lose a disc you blame everyone you can so you can be in denial.

You have every system since the pong game.

You know who and when created all of your games.

You are eaisly entertained when you hear that the nintendo stock market raises.

You talk to your friends for two hours discussing which is better: Age of mythology or Age of Empires, only to come to the conclusion that you're eating pizza tonight to discuss it deeper.

When you get on to someone elses computer you refer to yourself as a "hacker."

You pray that to God that there's no power outage in the next 3 days because you have to do some "light" gaming.

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Posted by mydarklife Aug 12, 2006

any comments?

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Posted by girliepie Aug 13, 2006

good one. I'm a gamer, but I guess I'm not a game FREAK! full smile!

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Posted by silly_goose Sep 02, 2006

Good job!

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