Space Adventure Part II

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Note: This joke only makes sense if you read Space Adventure Part I on this site. A complete set of the Adventures can be found in the FunnyStories Forum.
I Wally will take it from here!
Part 1. A Space Mission
Point of View: Wally(Junior)
Notes: I'll tell the story. Anything in parenthesse is me talking to you, not what someone said.
Medical: Oh, sorry.
Me: Whatever.
Senior: HA HA the woman can't remember!(Senior's a meanie I mean Come On!)
Pilot: Jake (that's Senior's name) it's not her fault she can't remember. She didn't choose to be female*laughs*!
Medical: Don't make me hurt you!
Jake: Settle down, baby!
Medical: grrrr
Pilot: Very funny WOMAN leave the important stuff to the men NURSE but I'll see you in bed later BABY!
Medical: MY NAME IS JENNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!(there were echoes you wouldn't believe.)

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Posted by mydarklife Aug 11, 2006

i liked it again better rating!

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