Who Scares Humans the Most?

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A bear, a lion and a chicken were having a discussion as to which one of them scares humans the most.
"I only have to growl," said the bear, "and people start to get a bit nervous."
The lion said, "I just have to roar and people run away."
"That's nothing," replied the chicken. "I only have to sneeze and the whole world panics."

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Posted by silly_goose Jul 21, 2006

I totally don't get it....

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Posted by Battery Jul 22, 2006

Its to do with bird flu. The whole world panics cos they think its broken out again

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Posted by MansyP Jul 22, 2006

that was a funni joke(i actually got it lol)

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Posted by Majher Jul 25, 2006


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Posted by Battery Jul 25, 2006

If you yawn at that you need more sleep

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Posted by bibidybobidyboo Jul 25, 2006

Majher, instead of spending your time making useless comments and yawning, why dont you actually submit a joke to this site, seeing as thats what having an account is for?

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Posted by Alexeagle Apr 03, 2008

u can just use your account to vote

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