The Desperate Man

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A man was staying over at a farmer's house for the night.
However, the farmer warned: "My daughter is sleeping in the room next door. I'm going to put a wall of eggs around her bed to make sure that you don't go near her, understand?"

The man nodded weakly, for she saw the daughter and noticed she was very beautiful.

That night, the man crept into the daughter's room, and sure enough, there was a wall of eggs surrounding her bed. Alas, the daughter's beauty was too much for the man, and he pushed through the wall of eggs and made love to her.

Once they were finished, the man took out a mop and cleaned the mess up. He then used super glue to glue the eggs back together and restack them. He then went back to his room.

The next day, the farmer inspected the wall of eggs. He congratulated the man and celebrated with an egg feast. But when he took an egg off the wall and cracked it open, nothing came out.

The farmer groaned, "Not again."

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Posted by Battery Jul 19, 2006


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Posted by MissSmartySkort Jul 19, 2006

this joke seems kinda pointless. I don't get it!!!

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Posted by scouttrooper Jul 20, 2006

I think he means this: The farmer stacks eggs up to form a huge wall around his daughter's bed. The man sees this, but can't resist the daughter's beauty. The man knocks down the wall and does it to the daughter. The man then cleans up the mess so the farmer doesn't notice. The man then glues the broken eggs together and restacks the eggs. The farmer makes a feast using the eggs, but nothing comes out. The farmer says, "not again."

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Posted by 5600113 Jul 29, 2006


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Posted by MissSmartySkort Aug 02, 2006

oh, I get it now!

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