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Knock Knock!

Who's There?


Eileen who?

Eileen on the door until you open it

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Posted by scouttrooper Jul 23, 2006

That means, he falls in when the door is open!

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Posted by Battery Jul 23, 2006

Or does he? HMMM!?

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Posted by qwerty123 Jul 27, 2006

wouldn't Eileen be a woman?? not a he

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Posted by 5600113 Jul 28, 2006

Same above

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Posted by samg Oct 24, 2006

The joke is not well constructed: The name Eileen is usually pronounced as "I lean." But for the pun to work the sound must be "I'll lean"; the initial sounds in the two are different, with the "I'll" having a shorter vowel (because it glides into the double-L, while "I lean" has a break after the "I" sound, which lengthens it.

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Posted by ntsoaky Oct 24, 2006

Guys, how about asking Battery 2 xplain. Battery , Pliz...b4 we all ruin the joke.

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