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A male teen walks up to his uncle.
"Where's Aunt Rhodie?" said the teen.
"In the living room," said his uncle.
The teen walks to the door.
"I wouldnt go in there if I were you," said the uncle, "they're talking about female things."
The male teen walks in anyway -
(a moment in the hall passes) -
the teen comes out all grossed out.
"What's wrong?" said the uncle.
"I thought you meant SHOES!" said the teen.

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Posted by speedywheels Jul 12, 2006

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Posted by hotchick_802 Jul 22, 2006


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Posted by hubluza Jul 22, 2006

u kno female things like uhh the talk

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Posted by hubluza Aug 08, 2006

whats wrong with it

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Posted by spice_2 Aug 12, 2006

hahaha... that was good! Lol

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Posted by hubluza Aug 14, 2006


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Posted by hubluza Nov 17, 2006

indeed it was my friend, indeed it was

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