Storm Research

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A scientist is researching storms, so he goes out to find one. He takes his blonde assistant to help him find one. They drive for miles until they come to some plains.

They stop the car and the scientist tells the blonde to look out for tornados. After a few minutes, a cow flies past due to strong winds and the blonde says,

"Look! A flying cow!"

The scientist writes this down on his notepad but as he does, the car gets swept away by a tornado.

The car lands in a ditch after the tornado had gone. The scientist got out and shouted at the blonde,

"I thought you were looking out for tornados!"

"I was, but after I saw the cow, I was looking for the dish running away with the spoon."

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Posted by crazy2010 Jul 11, 2006

ok... some1 explain this 2 me!

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Posted by wagner_cmw Jul 11, 2006

the nersury rhyme hay diddle diddle the cat an the fiddle well the cow jumped over the moon and the dish ran away with the spoon She seen a flying cow so she was looking for the dish and the spoon

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Posted by 5600113 Jul 23, 2006

Clever,funny and well done!

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Posted by Battery Jul 25, 2006

well i made it up myself

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Posted by MansyP Sep 13, 2006

good 1

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Posted by swoosh3_star Mar 23, 2008

very funny and well told.

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