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One day this woman got to thinking about how her and her husband's sex life. She realized they basically didn't have one, so she decided to go to the doctor and get him some pills.

The next day she went and the doctor told her to put 1 pill in her husbands coffee every morning.
So, the woman went home and the next morning she did exactly what the doctor perscribed. The woman thought that since the pills worked so well she would put more and more pills in his coffee.

As the week passed the doctor decided to call. When the doctor called their daughter answered and when the doctor asked how things were going she
replied,"Well, my mom's dead, I'm pregnant, my brothers raw and dad is in the backyard saying,"here kitty kitty."

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Posted by fauck Jul 01, 2005

what does this mean??

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Posted by DanceSp5 Jun 23, 2006


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Posted by Strogg_man Dec 16, 2006

dude that is hilarous it means the dad had sex with the mom intil she died then had sex with his daughter until she was pregnant then had sex with his son until his butt was raw and is now asking for the cat.

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