Power Outage

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It was a dark and stormy night in the small Newfoundland village when Jarge's wife suddenly went into labor. The doctor came to the house and realized there was no time to get to the hospital in the city, the baby was coming now!

Just then the power went out. Jarge brought out the kerosene lantern and held it for the doctor.

Within minutes, Jarge's son was born. The elated parents were surprised when the doctor declared that another baby was coming. Soon, another baby had come into the world. And then a third. Jarge, somewhat in shock at the sudden prospect of supporting such a large family, started to back away. But wait, the doctor soon realized the end was not in sight. "Bring the light closer, Jarge, I think there's another one!"

"No way," cried Jarge, fleeing from the room. "It's the light that's attracting them!"

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Posted by fauck Aug 23, 2004

so where did all the babies coem from??

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Posted by pink Sep 14, 2004

There was more than one baby unexpectedly, maybe they asked not to know anything about the baby. Although that usually means the gender of it... anyway. There was triplets or quadruplets! He shouldnt be so mean, theyre just babies!!

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Posted by fauck Sep 16, 2004

huh? still...

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Posted by fauck Aug 03, 2005

huh? what does this mean?

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Posted by ntsoaky Aug 03, 2005

they thot they were goin 2 have 1 baby but only 2 realise they were havin 4, n it scared him like h*ll.

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Posted by fauck Aug 04, 2005

huh? so what about the light? still dont understand??

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Posted by ntsoaky Aug 04, 2005

u know light attracts isects n other stuff, so he's so confused n scared that he thinks his baby's r attrcted by the light.

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Posted by fauck Aug 07, 2005


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Posted by ac3p1l07 Aug 28, 2005

Fauk. I want you to go outside at night, hold up a lantern or flashlight or some other source of light. See what happens. Now think of the insects as babies.

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Posted by fauck Sep 02, 2005

ok so i went outside to balcony with small candle and stand there. nothing happen

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Posted by fauck Sep 02, 2005

nothing happen except candle melting and light spreading

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Posted by lyris Apr 20, 2006

some insects are attracted to light. simple as that.

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